Special Sale Email notification Website Design and Development

Men of Measure and Men of Stature in Nashville, Knoxville and Johnson City, Tennessee needed a way to inform their customers of sales and specials throughout the year.  In 1997 Reeves Communications helped establish their web presence with the Menof Member email subscriber list and  Over the years I continued to grow the email list through direct mail marketing, creative TV commercials, in store point of purchase promotions and online subscriber signup contests. In 2007 alone, I published and promoted over 50,000 emails to more than 3,000 Menof Members in TN. 

 2005 Online Catalog Website Design and Development

In 2005, Men of Measure and Men of Stature wanted a more visual representation of their stores 70+ brands online. So I began photographing and cataloging The Menof Fall Fashions for all things big and tall from shirts to socks.  The success of this development led to increased store traffic, 1-800 # phone sales and higher search engine positioning for the listed Menof merchandise.

 2006 Spring Selection and Fall Fashions

Early 2006, I photographed and cataloged the Menof spring selection of more than 700 items online.   During this effective and efficient organic development, I paid close attention to meta data, keywords and description as well as title, alt and longdesc img tags and content copy.  I was rewarded with an image search inclusion invitation from Google through their Webmaster tools. Shortly there after we began to reach top search engine postioning for most of the items I photographed and indexed with many inquires for products ranking higher than those of the manufacturer.  For example, a search for "Polo khaki pants" ranked above in March of 2006.  I experienced increases in unique visitors with more page views, longer times on the site and lower bounce rates for assigned goals through analytic software.
 Online Store Web Design and Development

In 2007, I expanded the selection of online products for guys of size to 1400+ items in 20+ categories from 55+ brands. I developed with MySQL and PHP to dynamically serve a total product offering of 14,000 items in a variety of styles and sizes.  The overwealming interest in our big and tall fashions spread to new customers across the United States as online orders and 1-800 calls increased.
 CMS Website Design and Development

Men of Measure and Men of Stature wanted a way to update their website with the latest product offerings in house. So in the Fall of 2007, I developed the Menof Content Management System using a PHP, MySQL and CSS framework. During the design and development, I paid close attention to the user interface while adding custom functionality without sacrificing established features.  The simplified menu structure created Core Products, New Arrivals and Special Sale Item categories. The administrative backend created an easy interface for inhouse updates. This administrative interface provides full content control. New Product pubishing and content updates are full of options with the ability to preview prior to publishing. This newly updated content is automatically submited to all major search engines. Panoramic Flash Imaging

Men of Measure in Knoxville, TN needed hi resolution photographs to show the full selection of fall fashions available through out the season in thier retail stores. This panoramic image is a compostion of 16 individual images stiched together using Photoshop. The flash interface uses masking louvers to create the panning effect.


flarsh logo Branded Bullet Points, Icon Creation and Bookmark Imaging Fall Fashion Flash Video

Flash Video